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Insert deep, existential quote here.
 /  i love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

You wouldn’t happen to be my poetry anon from last year by any chance ‘cause I always wondered what happened to them.

P.S. I’m not sure if you’re being srs or not, but this is strangely poetic.

There is a light in all of us.


the secret history

6/6 quotes:

"Murder is pollution. The murderer defiles everyone he comes into contact with. And the only way to purify blood is through blood. We let the pig bleed on us. Then we went inside and washed it off. After that, we were okay."
 /  i am so in love with you that there isn’t anything else.

I just reblog pretty pictures what.


You are a shadow, wreathed in the judgment
of darkened cathedrals, bloodied rose gardens,
sacramental souls lying scattered on the floor.

And I, I am frightened by your scent
like opium, like rust in the rain.
Kristina Costa, Elements: Love in Five Parts


Favorite Female Character [1/20] series or books: Liraz from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Here was no storm, no fury. There was some new quiet in her, but it didn’t shrink or wilt her. Rather, it seemed to enlarge her. She was no mere weapon as she was trained to be, but a woman in full command of her power, unbowed and unbroken, and that was dangerous t h i n g.


Synchrodogs for Jalouse magazine, Paris

I ordered the men at once to flay the sheep that lay before us, killed by my ruthless blade, and burn them both, and then say prayers to the gods, to the almighty god of death and the dread Persephone.

Buckminster Fuller and sacred geometry.


Isobel Adderley (UK) Collages


the altar by apolysis



No: you’ll still mumble in a corner a crust of truth, to men and gods disgusting. [“Cassandra” — Robinson Jeffers]